Journalism + Travel Writing



LATA Media Awards, Consumer Magazine Feature of the Year Award for Revolutionary Memoir

Narratively, The Disobedient Children of Monsters


Atlas Obscura, In the Streets of Argentina Lie Hidden Memorials to Disappeared People

N by Norwegian, Revolutionary Memoir (June 2018 – print)

N by Norwegian, View to a Cure (June 2018 – print)

BBC Capital, Can You Make Money Selling Your Data? 2018

Curiosity Magazine, Learning to Belong Over Barbecue in Argentina, 2018

Localeur, Various, 2018


BBC Capital, The Psychoanalysis of Job Hiring

Paste, 5 Foods to Try in Occitanie


Atlas Obscura, This Buenos Aires Radio Show Comes to You Live from a Psychiatric Hospital


The Writer Magazine, Submission Sins: getting out of the slush pile starts with avoiding these deadly mistakes (print – October 2016)

The Billfold, Learning to do Money with 40% Inflation

Hello Giggles, How I Got to Know My Best Friend All Over Again

AnyBody Argentina/Endangered Bodies

AnyBody Argentina’s Body Positive Dictionary

Kids and Cosmetic Surgery: Not a Pretty Picture

What is Binge Eating Disorder


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