About me

Hello! I’m Sam Harrison. I’m a journalist, copywriter, and fiction writer. I love to work on stories about travel, social issues, culture, body issues, food, and feminism. One of my favorite things about being a writer is getting to learn about something new, and I’m always open to new topics.

I grew up between the United States and Montpellier, France and also lived in Buenos Aires for over four years. Though I write in English (mostly), I research and conduct interviews for stories in English, Spanish, and French. I currently live in Barcelona.

I volunteered for AnyBody Argentina, a body positive organization that’s part of the Endangered Bodies network. If you want to hear a (polite) (sort of) rant about diet culture, hit me up.

A few others things you might want to know about me: I write fiction (mostly fantasy, but not exclusively), and I used to participate in First Hand Buenos Aires’ storytelling events—my favorite story so far is about the time a cab driver requested to kiss my “shoesies” (his word, not mine).